Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: The Year of Setting & Achieving My Goals


How is it possible that you are already here? 

I remember when 2000 seemed so far off.  Especially since it was the year I graduated from high school - the year that I counted down to, since high school graduation seems like such a ginormous accomplishment when you are 12 years old.  And now, 13 years since 2000 hit, and computers are still up and running and the world has not ended. 

So much has changed in my life since 2012.  Biggest and best change of all - I'm married.  I have a new last name.  I turned 30.   We have gained a nephew and sister in law.  I have in-laws.  We have gone to Europe, drove on the wrong side of the road, survived the stress of canceled flights and unexpected bills. Fought, made up, planned a wedding, survived our wedding.  Traveled, stayed home, cleaned, made messes.  We have lived.  Not always in the best way or most fruitful, fun or exciting way, but we are taking life day by day and doing our best, at least on most days.

Some things have stayed the same: We still live in our home.  We are still gainfully employed. We still have two rambunctious puppies and a cat who steal our hearts and give us lots of laughter and frustration at the same time.  We still don't care for our neighbors or Harlan Ranch where we live, but we are making do. 

So, to make 2013 the best year yet, I intend to achieve the following goals:

  1. Be more present at work;
  2. Stay positive;
  3. Laugh more;
  4. Don't sweat the small stuff;
  5. Treat my body like a temple - only put into it what it deserves;
  6. Exercise regularly, whether it is at the gym, or finding an outdoor activity/sport;
  7. Watch less television;
  8. Be more active in Junior League;
  9. Send more handwritten notes via snail mail to friends/family;
  10. Give thanks;
  11. Attend church at least once a month;
  12. Stop yelling at the residents of my home;
  13. Find ways to be a better friend, sister, daughter, wife;
  14. Do at least one selfless thing for Chad every day;
  15. Create and stick with a budget;
  16. Pay off as much debt as possible;
  17. Cook more often;
  18. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier;
  19. Exercise in the mornings;
  20. Stop nail biting/picking;
  21. Put laundry away when it first comes out of the dryer;
  22. Walk the dogs at least 3 times a week;
  23.  Stop keeping score and just love;
  24. Take vitamins regularly;
  25. No more hangovers!
  26. Take a weekend drive to Yosemite, the beach, Shaver, etc. at least one weekend a month;
  27. Take care of my car - keep it clean and sparkley, inside and out;
  28. Relax more;
  29. Be less serious and more fun;
  30. Embrace my life and become happy with me.

So, these aren't really the types of goals that will result in instant gratification and that are achievable overnight, but rather, internal, personal goals.  But, they are goals nonetheless. And they are mine.

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