Monday, January 28, 2013

January Cara Box Reveal

For my very first Cara Box exchange, I got to partner with two awesome ladies, Ashley over at  Mrs.Mama and Karie over at Carrot Cake and Jeans.  I first have to say that these are both extraordinary women, with absolutely precious sons!  I am totally envious, as I daydream of little bitty Snyder babies running around our house...but I digress!  Well, I send Ashley my first Cara Box, and you can check out her goodies over at her adorable blog. 

From Karie, who happens to be in the same field as me career-wise, I received some very useful, sweet, thoughtful items.  One of my resolutions is to get back in shape, and she got me her go-to snacks, that are low on the Weight Watcher point scale!  I am defintely excited to try her favorite snacks!  She also learned from my blog that I am a newlywed, and she got me a dry erase board to leave messages to my husb'd!  So thoughtful!  I am always looking for new, sweet ways to surprise him, since I usually leave for work before he does, so leaving him little messages will be a nice way to mix things up in the morning!

As a woman after my own heart - she also sent me some HOMEMADE salsa from veggies in her own garden!  In addition to my own babies, I also daydream often about my own garden, which will be in the works THIS SPRING!  I cannot wait to use her salsa! I am just drooling over thoughts of it on my scrambled eggs, dressing up a simple quesadilla, and on top of a tuna stuffed avacado, one of my favorite lunch items. 

She also threw in some glittery items that I simple love.  A sparkly, twinkly, PINK water tumbler, and some glitter polish.  The girly-girl in my is sighing with happiness.  I mean, what girl doesn't absolutely LOVE glitter?!

Low-Cal, low point breakfast pastries, low-cal snack, glittery pink tumbler, HOME MADE Salsa, dry erase board for notes to my hubby, a great motto, and glitter polish!  Awesome!!!  Ready to tackle my weight loss resolution, and to cook with some homemade salsa. And leave my husb'd love messages (and hopefully get some in return!)!
So, not only did she get me some super thoughtful, very useful goodies, but Karie also wrote me the sweetest note.  And she sealed it in an envelope with a great motto that she left for me, which I want to reprint here: "She turned her cant's into cans and her dreams into plans."  I love this.  I try to live my life "can't" free, but sometimes negativity bubbles up and refuses to go away. 

My first Cara Box experience was nothing but great!  I am looking forward to keeping in touch with Ashley and Karie, and hopefully meeting new amazing women next month as I continue my blogging journey!


  1. Thank you so much for my wonderful items. I used my scrapbooking stuff today :)
    I look forward to reading more about you and your life on your blog.

  2. Homemade salsa is the! I love your box! Looks super thoughtful and adorable. :)

    I participated, too this month! Check out my box reveal post if you have a quick second! ;)

    Kenz {}

  3. Awww!! I am so excited that you liked your cara box and that I got to know you! You are so sweet!!

  4. Hey Stephanie! I am so glad you found my blog, and that I could find yours! I see that you love anything southern, so I know we'll get a long! :)

    I just wanted to give you a heads up, I tried to respond to your comment and saw you're a no-reply blogger! That means people could be responding to all your comments, but you won't get any of them! Luckily it's super easy to fix. Just go to your blogger profile, make sure your email is listed, and make sure the show email address box is checked. It will make it so much easier for bloggers to respond to your comments!!

    I'm so excited to keep reading your blog, welcome to the bloggy world!! :)