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I love "how we met" stories.  It is so much fun to learn how other couples came to be.  There are so many more ways to meet than I ever knew when I back in my "single, looking for love" days.  I always wanted to have one of those "I married my high school sweetheart" stories, but if you knew my high school boyfriend, you would know what a relief it is that I didn't!  Then I thought for sure my college boyfriend would be "the one", but thankfully, he turned out to be all wrong too!  Then it was on to law school, and I knew my future Mr. had to be in one of my classes.  Nope, wrong again.  He also wasn't the cutie at the bar that one fun night out with the girls, the guy from the bookstore who always happened to be there at the same time as me, or the friend of a friend who I was set up with and no sparks flew. 

I guess I could say I met "the one" while in law school, but it was not in the way I ever expected.  I graduated from college in 2004, early, so I found myself back home in March, waiting until September when law school would begin.  So, I found a job with a local attorney who happened to be a long time family friend.  I worked for "Boss" for nearly 3 years.  Yes, we called him "Boss."  It was just two other ladies and me in the office, and we had such fun times teasing and taking care of Boss.  He was just a fun guy, and he rarely got upset or mad.  He told long winded stories, even after telling you that he was going to give you the "Reader's Digest version."  The other great thing about Boss was that he had a handsome son who was living in San Diego who would randomly come back home to visit, and oftentimes would stop by the office.  Being the chatty Cathy that I am, I would always try to strike up a conversation with Boss's son, but he was kind of quiet and shy.  After a few times chatting, we ended up becoming friends on MySpace.  (Remember that old crazy social networking site?)  We never really chatted on there, but I can say I perused his photo albums on occasion.

After a couple years, Boss's son decided he too was going to go to law school.  By that time, Boss and I were pretty close, and Boss knew I had struggled to pass a very difficult multiple choice exam (called the MPRE) required to be passed with a specific score prior to becoming an attorney.  (To those who love lawyer jokes, hilariously, the test is on Professional Responsibility and Ethics.)  I finally passed the test, and Boss was very proud.

Well, Boss decided he was going to retire from private practice soon, and begin work at the District Attorney's office, so I found a new job in a bigger city where my law school was also located.  I then eventually moved out of my parent's house and into a condo closer to school and work.  During all this time, Boss's son and I kept in random contact, asking each other about law school.  Of course, we both had significant others and there was also the whole long distance thing.  He was still in San Diego, and I was in Fresno, which is between 6-10 hours apart, depending on Los Angeles traffic.

Eventually, I graduated law school in May 2008, and had to study for the infamous Bar Exam.  Around that same time, Boss's son was studying for the stupid, difficult MPRE, and Boss told him he should get in touch with me to get some of my study materials.  So, he decided to come back to town for the 4th of July, and stopped by my place to get the study materials.  He also happened to bring his then-girlfriend with him.  So, we awkwardly chatted in my entryway about law school while then-girlfriend shot me dirty looks and looked all around uncomfortable.  He wasn't able to stay long, since he had to get back to his 4th of July festivities, and I had to get back to my lame summer of 2008 ritual of studying endlessly. 

Fast forward a couple months, and Boss's son had broken things off with then-girlfriend.  Of course I had to check in to see what prompted the change in relationship status on MySpace.  :)  Sadly, I had a then-boyfriend, and hadn't yet realized that Boss's son was perfect for me.

So, come December, I got my Bar Exam results, and also got a nice congratulatory message from Boss's son.  Finally, in March 2009, then-boyfriend and I broke up, and as soon as I changed my relationship status to "single" I had a new message from Boss's son. 

Now, I know it is kind of scandalous, since I went from a long term relationship right into something new, but I am a firm believer of "when you know, you know."

Boss's son, who I'm sure you now have figured out is Chad, and I started texting each other nearly all day long, and after about a week and a half of texting and talking on the phone, we decided that Chad would come visit me for St. Patrick's Day.  I cried when he had to go back to San Diego, knowing how much I already cared about him, and knowing that with him living all the way in San Diego, we probably would never work out.  But, a couple weekends later, I went down to San Diego to visit and we went on a harbor cruise, where he told me that he did not want to see anyone else, and wanted us to be exclusive.  It was so soon, I was a little nervous.  Then factoring the long distance aspect...but, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and said, Yes!

This is from our weekend together in San Diego, on the Harbor Cruise
Another weekend in San Diego...

And another.  [Yes, I am wearing a top.]

After a year of long distance dating while Chad finished law school in San Diego, and his graduating, taking and passing the Bar Exam, he moved to Fresno so we could be together.  We ended up moving in together, and after a year in our little apartment, we bought a house.  We also adopted two adorable pound puppies to add to our little family.

Then came December 18, 2011, when Chad took me for a long, romantic walk on the beach in Cambria, and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. 

We were married on October 27, 2012, and now I call Boss, Dad. 

Sorry for the very long winded version, but I just love how we met and ended up together.  I am a fan of my own story!

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