Friday, January 22, 2016

Writing with Purpose.

When I was a student, both early on and throughout college, I dreamed of being a writer.  I used to spend weekends writing short stories for my mom to read, and she always told me I was a great writer, to keep it up.  Her praise was knocked down by mediocre reviews by college professors and rejection letters from magazines I approached with my short stories from my writing classes.  Looking back, the thing I am certain was missing from my writing was purpose.  I wrote just to write, but not to really tell a story or to inspire a feeling or make a change in even one person.  When I think about my favorite authors, all of their stories make me feel something - a longing for an adventure, a need for romance or to travel, a desire to move or make a change in my life, a desperation I never knew I had.  I want my written word to do the same, even if only for one person.

I need to create.  I need to make something during my short time on this earth, not with my body, but with my mind and my hands.  My proudest "creation" to date is my son.  I believe that raising my son to be an honest, hard working, contributing member of society could result in the change I am hoping to make on the world in my time here, but I also want to change someone's life.  And I mean in an inspirational, motivational, hopeful way.  I believe I have caused some positive change in the lives of at least some people who I have met and mentored during my time in Junior League.  But I do not want to stop there.  And I should not have to.  I will not.  So, my first step in reaching my goal of touching at least ONE life with my written word is to think of topics or issues with a purpose.  So that is what I am going to do.  One day at a time.