Monday, November 26, 2012

30 in 30

Now that I am 30 (and have been since September!), I have decided to set 30 goals that I want to achieve, or at the very least be actively pursuing, before my 31st birthday.
  1. Declutter my life;
  2. Stop impulse buying;
  3. Start saving;
  4. Pay down debt;
  5. Stop nail biting;
  6. Dress for the job I wish I had;
  7. Be a better friend;
  8. Learn to bake;
  9. Take more pictures;
  10. Regularly post on this blog;
  11. Be a better sister;
  12. Volunteer more;
  13. Exercise regularly;
  14. Eat healthier;
  15. Continue to grow my hair out;
  16. Take vitamins regularly;
  17. Act how I want to feel;
  18. Watch less t.v. and be a more active participant in my own life;
  19. Have lazy days and don't feel guilty about it;
  20. Remember birthdays;
  21. Send friends and family snail mail;
  22. Clip coupons;
  23. Call friends more than texting them;
  24. Drink less alcohol;
  25. Drink more water;
  26. Figure out three things that truly bring me happiness and do them at least bi-weekly;
  27. Spend more time with my mom and sister;
  28. Stop complaining about my job, and focus on something good that happens at work each day;
  29. Scuba dive at least twice;
  30. Go sky diving.

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